About CowGirl Cook

I was born and raised in beautiful Washington State.  A true farm girl, I grew up on a small Limousin cattle farm.  It was actually the very farm my dad was raised on.  Some of my fondest memories are of spending time with my younger brother on our farm.  We would climb the trees in the orchard and designate certain branches as “rooms” in our make-believe tree house.  We had a large garden and the produce was amazingly flavorful and fresh.  It was incredible to grow up being somewhat self-sustained.  My dad hunted and fished.  Our cows had happy lives, even though we knew they had a certain “expiration” date, if you will.  My favorite pet steer was Oliver.  These days his horns are mounted in my home and I always look at them fondly.  I realize that some people think of cows as mindless animals, but they’re not.  I always tell people – there may be stupid cows, but there are also stupid people.  Just like there are smart cows and there are smart people.  It’s amazing how true this standard holds in nature.

My mom was raised in Arkansas.  Hospitality, southern food, and generosity flow through her veins.  It’s what makes her one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I know.

My mom and my Grandma Texas were the two biggest influences in my food career, if you could call it a career at this point.  I remember helping them in the kitchen, asking questions about spices, and learning the true basics of simple, homemade food.  When I left home, I took my cooking desire with me to the big city of Seattle.  There I settled in with several friends and we hit the Seattle foodie scene with a vengeance.  I consumed food magazines with fervor and I was always hungry for knowledge.  We would have blind wine tasting parties, experiment with new recipes and ingredients, and then discuss our opinions.

In 2008 I traveled to Japan for the first time.  I was amazed by the simple ingredients, yet complex flavors that are the very essence of Japanese cuisine.  Even as a young child I was always writing about something, but I had become disengaged with expressing my inner thoughts on paper.  Suddenly, in Japan I began writing emails to friends and family back home.  I described my adventures through this peaceful, poignant country.  I began carrying a small notebook and during meals, I began writing down every flavor I tasted.  As bizarre as another country’s cuisine may appear to some, when I am immersed in another culture, I know no boundaries.  I will taste anything once.  Just because our society may deem something odd and bizarre, doesn’t necessarily make it so.

I moved back to my small home town, though I am a stones throw away from the Seattle food scene.  I settled on acreage with my husband, dogs, and cats.  I truly believe that through traveling and food I have found comfort in who I am, and have discovered my inner self.  I love working in our yard, gardening, and cooking.  I love creating new recipes, re-inventing old recipes, and sharing my knowledge with others.

All content and recipes are the property of “Cow Tales by a CowGirl Cook.”  Do not repost without permission.  All Rights Reserved.

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