A Decadent Crab Melt to Remember

I adore grilled cheese.  I am not talking about processed American cheese, but gooey exotic cheeses sandwiched between two pieces of decadent bakery bread, browned to a golden perfection.

A refrigerator full of left over Dungeness Crab led me to reinvent the classic grilled cheese and reinvent the crab melt.

First, I had to select cheeses that would not outshine the delicate, sweet Dungeness Crab meat.  As I tasted various cheeses from my affluent cheese drawer, I decided on two common cheeses that had an exceptionally mild flavor, but had a buttery creaminess that would compliment the crab.  I settled on provolone and havarti, both of which have good melting points.  I had two buttery dinner rolls from Tall Grass Bakery.  I sliced each roll in half.  I placed a slice of provolone on the bottom portion of the roll, followed by a slice of havarti.  I topped the cheese with half a Dungeness Crab’s worth of meat, followed by a piece of havarti.  My hope was that the cheeses would melt from both sides, trapping in the Dungeness Crab’s sweet meat.  I browned both sides, sans any butter in a non-stick pan.  I did not want to burn the buttery rolls so I put them in a 350 degree oven to let the cheeses finish melting and engulfing the crab meat.

What I created was nothing less than divine.  It was by far the best grilled sandwich I have ever made.  The butter the bakery used in the dinner rolls shone through, adding the buttery goodness that complimented the crab in a way I never thought imaginable.   It was nothing short of heaven.


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