The Crumpet Shop, Seattle, WA

Pike's Place Market

The Crumpet Shop in Seattle’s Pike Place has an adorable quaintness that brings the morning alive through a variety of sounds and smells.  The shop itself is located off 1st Avenue inside the building to the right of the famous “Public Market Center” sign.  You can feel the bustle of the market inside the shop, the ever-present parade of people craving caffeine and breakfast, and the eclectic mix of people who define Seattle.

A crumpet is a thick English pancake made with yeast and flour.  It tends to raise more due to the yeast content, therefore, it’s approximately the height of an English muffin, but has the texture of a thick pancake.

The cooks and servers inside The Crumpet Shop were extremely helpful, offered their own favorites, and navigated the delicious menu.  I selected the pesto ricotta with fresh sliced tomato, egg, and parmesan cheese.  I inquired if they made their own ricotta cheese and the helpful cook said they ordered it from a specialty shop back East.  He said it was a slightly sweeter ricotta.  As I waited for my crumpet, I absorbed the shop’s atmosphere.  It was small, mostly bar-style seating dotted with a few dainty tables.  The side facing 1st Avenue was open, and the warm summer Seattle breeze was a welcome accompaniment to an early morning breakfast.

When I received my crumpet, the cook instructed that he cut the crumpet in half so it can be eaten sandwich style.  I found a bar seat facing 1st Avenue.  The temptation to lick the oozing pesto ricotta was too great and I gently swirled it around the tip of my finger.  I savored the creaminess and realized the cook was most definitely correct – the sweetness of the ricotta was a perfect balance to the vivid flavor of the fresh pesto.  The egg was perfectly fluffy and eating the crumpet sandwich style affords each bite to achieve a harmonious balance with a sweet, chewy, yet acidic punch.

I can hardly wait to return and try yet another crumpet creation.


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