The Clover Machine: Kirsten Is Her Name, And Knowing Coffee Is Her Game

Clover Machine

This weekend I met up with a dear, childhood friend.  She is also the Manager of the quaint, newly-remodeled Fremont Starbucks.  Kirsten is her name, and knowing coffee is her foray.

Living in a small town we’re not accustomed to fancy, big city gadgets, so when Kirsten introduced me to the Clover Machine, I immediately became entranced.  Though it’s not something I can readily afford to have in my own kitchen, nor do I have the space for this precious giant, I immediately became hypnotized by coffee in a way I had never experienced before.  Kirsten recommended we order a Clover Gold Coast.  I readily obliged, as she is the coffee expert.  She explained that the clover machine presses the coffee without a paper filter.  It has a metal filter so it allows the full robustness of the coffee to permeate with the natural flavors and oils.  It is programmed by the type of coffee that is being brewed so it’s basically like a smart drip coffee machine.  It knows the perfect temperature for each type of bean and how long to brew it.  Basically, it’s a coffee genius.  You can visually see the coffee oils swirling on top of the coffee and when you take your first sip, the oils lightly coat your tongue in a sensual way.  This cup of coffee is so clean, pure, and fragrant … it’s like coffee coming alive in an entirely new way.


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