Confessions of a Cookbook Hoarder

What constitutes a hoarder versus a collector?  Am I a cookbook hoarder, collector, or a little of both perhaps?  When does the eccentric bleed into the unhealthy?

I for one don’t think you can ever have too many cookbooks.  Shucks, I have 51 cookbooks right now and I fully intend to continue adding to my collection.  You never know what work of genius cookbook art lies just around the corner.  If you don’t peruse the latest and greatest you may as well rust away into oblivion.  And heaven forbid what if a cookbook ceases to be published anymore, or you can’t find it on Amazon, Kindle, or your near-existent neighborhood bookstore?  Sometimes you don’t know your greatest desire, until that desire is no longer there to be had.

As my cookbook collection has grown, I’m dismayed to report my cupboard space has not.  So I found myself this weekend looking at this amazing wood 1950’s Norwegian desk and matching bookshelf.  I wondered what stories it had witnessed and where its journey had begun.  I did know that its journey was far from over, as I knew exactly what it would hold and where its new home would be.

As you can see, it has made a perfect addition to the far wall in our dining room.  Not only can this fabulous piece double as a buffet during a lively cocktail party, but it proudly displays my ongoing collection of cookbooks, as well as my most prized bottles of wine.

Before I gave this piece of modern art a home, it seemed sad and distant.  Not only does this art deco furniture make my house feel like a home, but I think my array of cookbooks has given it a warm hug, and given it a glow it otherwise lacked.


6 responses to this post.

  1. I love cookbooks as well (I really have to count mine) but since the advent of Food Network. Epicurious, etc. I find myself buying less.


  2. Very cool piece of furniture and a very cool site.


  3. […] Yesterday my mom gave me an early present, a copy of The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery.  I gleefully added yet another cookbook to my ever growing collection, which now totals the grand sum…. […]


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