Do You Know The Cupcake Queen?

I volunteered to host a baby shower for a close friend of mine.  This leads me to ponder if I have the potential to become the Cupcake Queen.

Oh, do you know the cupcake queen,
The cupcake queen, the cupcake queen,
Oh, do you know the cupcake queen,
That lives on Buttercream Lane?
(“The Muffin Man” lyrics)

Bah Bah! Sheep Cupcakes Courtesy of JujyCakes, Martha Stewart's Cutest Cupcakes 2010 Contest.

The baby shower theme is sheep, as my friend has decided to be incognito and not find out the gender of her unborn child.  So the standard pink and blue theme doesn’t really apply here.  I’m left with should I go with “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” and appeal to her chocolate lover’s side or should I go with an angelic white theme, perhaps with tiny marshmallows adorning the top?

I did find the absolute cutest recipe on Martha Stewart online.  I must confess, I actually have her cookbook, Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes: 175 Inspired Ideas for Everyone’s Favorite Treat, and it’s amazing and so inspiring.  Sometimes I think it should be a coffee table book because the photos just cry out, “Eat me!  I’m delicious!”  Isn’t that an awesome idea?  Have a coffee table cookbook that stirs your guests’ appetites so they’re all that much more anxious to try your delicious dinner and dessert!

So many ideas but I need to hone in one in particular and not focus on getting sidetracked.  So, I would like to request some creative input!  Please feel free to comment below.  I want my friend’s baby shower to be timeless, classic, and “Unforgettable” in a Nat King Cole way.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Oh my goodness! These look so adorable!


  2. WOW. I want sheep cakes NOW. They are indeed extremely cute and delicious-looking.


  3. Hi, this is Julie aka JujyCakes. So glad that you love my little sheep cupcakes…they are a bit labor intensive and worth all the time you put in to make them. Their little faces are hand sculpted from marzipan, and the eyes are small mints with the pupils colored in. Hope you were successful! All the best in baking…


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