“Strawberry Fields …”

Strawberry Fields Forever

Image by alsuvi via Flickr

I’m a little overzealous at times.  Ordering 15 lbs. of strawberries from a local charity seemed like a good idea several days ago.  Of course, I don’t mind donating to a charity, especially one that benefits my community.  Now I’m just faced with deciding what to do with not a pound of local berries, but 15!  Part of me is excited to undertake this venture.  Everyone else who purchased berries seems to be dusting off their mother’s freezer jam recipe.  I, on the other hand, refuse to embark down that mundane path.  I, CowGirl Cook, shall embrace this 15 lb. strawberry challenge … and not in a “Man v. Food” way … and blaze my own strawberry trail.  Where this may lead, only the next few days know.  I’m hoping some homemade sangria, coupled with listening to my iPod melodically play The Beatles, “Strawberry Fields Forever,” will offer me some recipe inspiration.


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  1. Posted by Just A Smidgen on June 30, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    Thanks for the “pingback”:)


  2. Hey Girl!!:)
    Thank you for the “pingback” 😀
    Cheers from Germany!!
    xx Linn


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