“Local Ocean” in Newport, Oregon

I want my blog to not just focus on recipes, but to focus on life.  Life is about traveling, expanding your comfort zone, experiencing new things, and being open to where ever life’s journeys take you.  Once again, with pen and notebook in hand, I wrote a small restaurant review for the “Local Ocean” tucked away in Newport, Oregon.  Oregon holds an amazing place in my heart.  My husband proposed on Driftwood Beach and we were married in Newport.  There is something so hyponautical and therapeutic about hearing the crashing waves beat against the Oregon coastline.  So, off we go on the journey of my first blogged restaurant review.

“Walking into a brisk evening September breeze my husband and I finally stumble upon our destination.  Nestled neatly near a large marina is a cozy seafood café, known to the locals for their fresh catch of the day.  The menu at the “Local Ocean” is ever-changing to accommodate the bounties the local fishermen peddle from the docks after a long morning at sea.  The restaurant is bustling and the atmosphere is alive with spirit.  There is one remaining table for two, and without missing a beat, our server guides us to our seats.  Our table is outside where we have an exceptional view of the moon, as its delicate beams dance gently across the marina’s waters.  In the distant background we can hear the chanting sea lions singing their nightly lullabies.  I glance through the menu and immediately make my decision to partake of the freshly grilled albacore tuna.  Our plates arrive and we are awed by their amazing presentation.  The grilled tuna is seared rare and is accompanied by glazed vegetables with light, crispy rice noodles.  Wanting to savor the perfect bite, I combine the ingredients into a delectable manage-a-trois.  My mouth is met with immediate gratification as the ingredients whirl together into a tender, buttery – yet earthy – encounter.  The lively atmosphere, delectable meal, crisp September air, and the moon beams casting down upon the frolicking waves turn into a pirouette in my mind.  I look across the table at my husband, realizing that at this very moment my life is complete – that he makes my life complete.  For me, food is more than just sustenance for my body; it is nourishment for my soul.  Food not only triggers the palette but it ignites the senses.”


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